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We produce and deliver

high quality miniature models

Impression of Holland Oto productions

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Impression of Holland Oto productions

We produce your commercial vehicle in miniature. We have a large choice of different brands and models of both trucks and buses.

  • Painted and printed in your corporate identity
  • Minimum of 100 pieces
  • Scale 1:87 or 1:50
  • Various packaging options
  • Fast delivery time due to production in the Netherlands
  • Very interesting prices

The productionproces

From the first contact, in which we make an inventory of the wishes, up to and including the final miniature model, we work closely with the customer. The process has a number of phases, such as:

  • Inventory of customer wishes
  • Making the design
  • Painting / printing
  • Assembling
  • Packing

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Schenker 2020
John West
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