02 productieVolvo blank8-1196 - VDL Citea SLFA-181-1Spetter 1Spetter 3
02 productieVolvo blank8-1196 - VDL Citea SLFA-181-1Spetter 1Spetter 3

Production process in the picture

Impression of Holland Oto productions

We produce your commercial vehicle in miniature. We have a large choice of different brands and models of both trucks and buses.

  • Painted and printed in your corporate identity
  • Minimum of 100 pieces
  • Scale 1:87 or 1:50
  • Various packaging options
  • Fast delivery time due to production in the Netherlands
  • Very interesting prices

The productionproces

From the first contact, in which we make an inventory of the wishes, up to and including the final miniature model, we work closely with the customer. The process has a number of phases, such as:

  • Inventory of customer wishes
  • Making the design
  • Painting / printing
  • Assembling
  • Packing

Inventory of customer wishes

In this phase it is important to get the customer’s wishes as clear as possible. We have a wide choice of existing models and packaging, but it is also possible to develop a completely new scale model.


Making the design

Based on existing drawings, brochures, photos and 3d files, a digital design is made for approval. We will clearly indicate which files we need to be able to make this design. View our delivery specifications page.

We only start production when this design has been approved by the customer.

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Painting / printing

All parts are provided with the correct basic color in our own paint shop. Any color you want is possible! After this, the logos / designs are applied to the models by means of pad printing or screen printing.


When all parts are painted and printed, we assemble them into the final miniature model. A final quality check also takes place during this phase.

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According to the wishes of the customer, the miniature model is packaged in a standard Holland Oto window box or a personalized luxury packaging, completely in your corporate identity.

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