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This privacy and cookie statement applies to the processing of personal data by Holland Oto and describes which personal data it processes and how it is used. The privacy and cookie statement applies to all Services that Holland Oto offers on the internet.

If you have a question about this privacy statement or the topic of privacy protection at Holland Oto, you can contact our team at any time via info@hollandoto.nl . Please also send an email to our team if you would like to exercise your right to information or deletion or any other data protection right under Article 15-22 GDPR, including the withdrawal of consent for marketing purposes, the unsubscribe from newsletters etc. More information can be found in the chapters The rights of Users with regard to their information / What rights can you exercise with regard to your data?

What can you read in this privacy statement:

  • Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?
  • Which data is stored by Holland Oto.
  • What we do with your data and what it is needed for.
  • What privacy rights and options you have.
  • Which technologies and data we use through the personalization and tailoring of our services and content, to offer you a safe, simple, seamless and individual shopping experience.
  • Which technologies and data we use for advertising, including the tracking technology used.
  • What are cookies and which ones do we place?
  • Adjustments to the privacy and cookie statement

Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?

Holland Oto BV (“hollandoto.nl”), located at Ampèrestraat 8, 6003 DJ Weert, is responsible for the processing of data as described in this privacy policy.

What data does Holland Oto process?

Holland Oto offers various services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us online, by telephone, in person or in some other way and which services you want to use, data from different sources is required. You provide us with much of the data we process when you use our services or contact us, for example because you register and enter your name or e-mail address or home address.

However, we also receive technical device and access data that we collect when you interact with our services. This may, for example, include information about which device you use. We collect other data through our own data analysis (e.g. in the context of market research and customer reviews). We may also receive information about you from third parties, for example from credit registration agencies and payment service providers.

When we talk about “ your data ” we mean personal data. This concerns all information with which we can identify you directly or through a combination with other information. For example: your name, your telephone number, your customer number, order numbers or your email address.

All information with which we cannot identify you (even through a combination with other information) is considered non-personal information . All non-personal data is also referred to as anonymous data. When we combine your personal data with anonymous data, all data in this data record is considered personal data. If we delete personal data from information or a data record relating to your person, the remaining data in this data line no longer counts as personal data. This procedure is called anonymization. In principle, if we ask you to provide us with certain personal information, you can of course always refuse. You decide which information you provide to us. However, it is possible that we cannot provide you with all the desired services (or not optimally). For example, we cannot send you a package without specifying the delivery address. If only certain information is required in connection with a service (mandatory information), we will inform you of this by means of an indication.

As further explained below, Holland Oto collects data about Users for:

Profile information
{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":" Profile data is personal and demographic data about your person (so-called master data) and your individual interests, which you can communicate to us when registering for your customer account. Your profile data includes, for example:"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"list","listType":"unordered","children":[{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"list-item","children":[{"type":"text","value":" Your first and last name"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"list-item","children":[{"type":"text","value":" your contact details"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"list-item","children":[{"type":"text","value":" your preferences, for example in relation to brands, types of products or communication preferences"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"list-item","children":[{"type":"text","value":" demographic data such as your gender, age and place of residence"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":" Mandatory information is usually your name, your email address and a password of your choice. Your email address and password will be your subsequent login details."}]},{"type":"text","value":"\n"},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":" The use of access-restricted, paid or personalized services may also require other mandatory fields, such as your date of birth, your form of address or your preferred brands."}]},{"type":"text","value":" "},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Profile data may also contain other information about your person and interests. This data may already have been collected when registering for the service or may be supplemented later. This is the case, for example, if you later add voluntary information to your profile or if you want to use your customer account to register for a service that requires additional mandatory data."}]}]}
To be able to provide the Service

Holland Oto strives to make the Services as relevant as possible for the User. Holland Oto can therefore adapt the Content, including advertisements on the website, to the User's preferences and make personal recommendations. To do this, Holland Oto maintains a profile based on the User's use of the Service, including the Content that the User requests, to gain an idea of ​​the User's likely interests. Based on these interests, Holland Oto can then adjust the Content, including advertisements on Holland Oto websites, for different groups of customers.

For example, Holland Oto uses the Holland Oto Account to provide you with access to the Services and the Content, and other information provided during registration (such as name and date of birth) can be used to determine whether the User meets the stated requirements. .

Provided contact details can be used to inform you about, for example, changes to the Services or planned maintenance (service emails).

Purchasing data

When you order something from Holland Oto, we collect your purchasing data. Depending on the method of sale and processing status, purchasing data may include the following information:

  • Order number
  • Details about the products purchased
  • Information about the payment method
  • Delivery and billing addresses
  • Notifications and communications in relation to purchases (e.g. notices of withdrawal, complaints and communications to customer service)
  • Delivery and payment status, for example "completed" or "shipped"
  • Status of return, for example "correctly closed"
  • Information from the service providers engaged for the implementation (in the case of distance selling, the numbers of the shipments for the parcel services)
Payment details

For online activities we offer the usual payment methods – in particular prepayment, credit card, PayPal or invoice. To carry out payments, we collect the payment information you provide. We receive other payment information from external payment service providers and credit information agencies, with which we collaborate to process payment and check creditworthiness. We only pass on such data to our payment service provider and only those data that are necessary for processing the payment.

Payment details include:

  • Selected payment method
  • Billing addresses
  • IBAN and BIC or account number and bank code
  • Credit card details
  • Creditworthiness information

Payment data also includes other information that is required in direct connection with payment processing and creditworthiness checking. This concerns, for example, information that external payment service providers use for identification, such as your PayPal ID (when you pay with PayPal).

Interaction data

When you interact with our services, information is released that allows us to know what content, topics, products or brands interest you. For example, we can use purchase data, the contents of wish lists and your age (at least if this information is available) to determine which product categories you are interested in by comparing them with users with other characteristics. This way we can show you the products most likely to be relevant to you first during your next search.

In addition to the interests you directly indicate, we can also infer your interests from other data we collect. For example, if you regularly visit a specific department of the Holland Oto Shop, we can draw conclusions from your access data in the context of usage analyses.

Announcements, content of conversations

If you wish to communicate with us by telephone, by post, via social media services, contact forms or in any other way about products (e.g. product reviews) and other topics, we collect the content of your communications.

If necessary, we will forward your communications to the place responsible for your request, i.e. to a partner company or manufacturer. If we pass this on to another company (e.g. if you provide us with feedback for the manufacturer of a product), you naturally have the option to inform us that your data may only be used by Holland Oto. In that case, we will not pass on your request to the controller or only without providing your personal data, at least if your request can be processed in this way.

Holland Oto also uses offers from social media such as Facebook, Instagram or X to communicate with customers and users. We use these popular platforms to offer you other contact and information options in addition to our own communication channels. However, please note that we have no influence on the terms of use of the social networks and the services offered by them and only limited influence on their data processing. We therefore request that you carefully check which personal data you provide to us via social networks. We cannot influence the behavior of the owners of social networks, other users or third parties who may collaborate with the owners or also use their services.

Social network data

Holland Oto maintains profile pages on various social networks. In addition, Holland Oto services may include social network functionalities. These may be messaging services and so-called social plug-ins or social logins such as 'Login with Facebook' If you contact us directly via our social media profiles or if you use social networking functionalities integrated into our services, and you are a member of the respective social network, we may receive data from the social network operator that allows you to be identified. Normally we can see the following data:

  • Your public profile information stored on the respective social network (e.g. name, profile photo)
  • Information about the device type you are using
  • The account ID of your profile on the respective network (e.g. Facebook ID)

What does Holland Oto use my data for?

Holland Oto processes your data in compliance with all applicable privacy laws. We naturally take into account the basic principles of data protection law when processing personal data. We therefore only process your data for the purposes explained to you in this privacy statement or communicated when collecting the data. This is primarily data for the processing and delivery of a purchase, personalization and further development, as well as the security of our services.

In addition, we use your data in the context of strict European data protection legislation, but also for other purposes such as product development and market research, to improve business processes, to tailor our services to needs and for personalized advertising.

The rights of Users regarding their information

Persons whose personal data are processed have certain rights under the law. You can gain insight into the information processed by Holland Oto at any time and free of charge and adjust it if desired. You can also object to receiving information or targeted offers from Holland Oto via e-mail, telephone or post, or have their data deleted in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If you would like to make use of these options, you can do so by contacting us via the email address info@hollandoto.nl or telephone number +31 (0)495-547247.

What rights can you exercise with regard to your data?

Right to information

You have the right to an understandable and transparent explanation of how we handle your personal data and what rights you can exercise in that regard. In this privacy policy we have therefore explained in detail what data we collect from you and how we handle your data.

Right of access

You have the right to request access to the information we have about you at any time. You can request this in your account. We process requests within 30 days at the latest.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your data if you do not agree with the way we process your personal data. This right applies to the data that we use for direct marketing. For example, you can indicate to our customer service that you no longer wish to receive mail from us. You can also ask us to no longer use your data for personalized recommendations on the website. In addition, this right also applies to other data that we use from you on the basis of our legitimate interest. For example, you can choose that we forget and continue to forget the data about your surfing and search behavior. We process requests within 30 days at the latest.

Right to data portability

You have the right to receive data that you have provided to us in the context of the agreement(s) you have concluded with us in a machine-readable format, so that you can store this data in a database of yours or of a third party. This concerns your name, address and place of residence details and order history. We offer you the option to download this data in a machine-readable format into your account.

Right to restriction

You have the right to request restriction of the processing of your data. This means that we may keep your data but not use it. This right arises in a number of cases. If you believe this is the case, please contact us via customer service.

Right to file a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint about the way we handle your data. If you have a complaint, we prefer to resolve it with you ourselves. Please contact our customer service for this. Finally, you have the right to contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority with your complaint.

Right to be forgotten/request to delete account

You have the right to request us to delete all data we have about you. When you submit a request to delete your account, we will delete data that can be traced back to you, except for the data that we must or may keep by law.

We cannot grant this request if there are still outstanding orders or invoices. We cannot also grant this request if the law allows us to keep your personal data despite a deletion request. For example, if your account has been subject to fraud. After you have not logged in with us for 7 years, we will delete all your data.

We offer you the opportunity to submit a request in your account.

When will my data be deleted?

We will store your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes stated in this privacy statement, in particular to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. Possibly we may also store your personal data for other purposes, for example for as long as the law allows us to store it for certain purposes, including the defense of a legal claim.

If you close your customer account, we will delete all data stored about you. If your data cannot be completely deleted or is not necessary for legal reasons, the relevant data will be blocked from further processing.

A blocking occurs, for example, in the following cases:

  • For your order and payment details and possibly for other data, different legal retention periods usually apply, such as in the Commercial Code (WvK) and the Tax Act. The law obliges us to keep this data for up to 7 years in connection with tax audits and audits of annual accounts. Only then may we permanently delete the relevant data.
  • Even if there is no statutory retention period for your data, we may, in legally permitted cases, refrain from immediately deleting your data and block it instead. This applies in particular to cases in which we may need the corresponding data for other activities in connection with the processing of a contract or for legal proceedings or legal costs (e.g. in the event of complaints). The decisive criterion for the duration of the blocking is the statutory limitation periods. After the relevant limitation periods have expired, the data in question will be permanently deleted.

In legally permitted cases, deletion of the data may be waived, at least if it concerns anonymized data and the deletion would make processing for statistical purposes impossible or would seriously impair it.

How does Holland Oto protect my data?

Your personal data is transferred to us securely, i.e. encrypted. This applies to your order and also to customer login. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption system for this. In addition, we protect our websites and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons.

What are cookies?

Many websites you view store small text files on your computer. This allows your computer to be recognized during your visit and during a follow-up visit. We call such files 'cookies'.

What do cookies do?

There are 3 types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies
    Certain cookies are necessary to retain settings or preferences during a visit to the website or until a next visit. Suppose you do not want cookies from a certain website. The website can 'remember' this by placing a cookie. Without cookies you will be bothered with the same questions every time.
  2. Analytical cookies (for research into website use)
    With analytical cookies we collect statistics about how our online store is used with the help of third parties. By measuring website usage, we can continue to improve our store for the benefit of our users.
  3. Marketing cookies
    We place marketing cookies on our online store. Third parties can also place marketing cookies on our online store. We also place marketing cookies on third-party websites. We can combine the information from these marketing cookies. We do this so that we can make you the most relevant offers possible based on your online surfing, search and purchasing behavior. With these marketing cookies we also keep track of which advertisements you have seen. Third-party websites place cookies on certain parts of the website. These are useful extras: such as a Google map with interactive directions, a 'like' button from Facebook or the option to tweet something. These cookies let the website you are viewing 'know' whether you are logged in to Google, Facebook or X.

No personal data

Cookies as we use them do not contain any personal data. Such cookies cannot simply be used to identify yourself. This would require additional information: for example, a combination of type 3 cookies with your login details for third-party websites (these login details can often be traced back to your person). Without additional information, cookies do not pose as a threat to your privacy.

Do you object to cookies?
When you view one of our pages, you will be notified that cookies are being placed. This means cookies of type 2 and 3 from ' What do cookies do? '. You have the option to hide the cookies.

Do you want to exclude cookies completely?
This can be done via the settings of your browser (internet program). More information about disabling cookies (do not track function) can be found on the website www.ncsc.nl.

Which cookies do we place?

Here you can see which cookies we place for each of the 3 types from ' What do cookies do? '

Functional or necessary cookies

  • Functional or necessary cookies ensure that the HollandOto.nl online store functions properly. Think about:
  • Remembering and storing the items you add to your wish list;
  • Notifying you of an uncompleted order so that you do not lose the items in the shopping cart;
  • Saved browser settings so that you can optimally view our online store on your screen;
  • Remembering the articles you visited, so you can quickly return to a previously visited article;
  • The ability to save your login details so that you do not have to re-enter them every time;
  • The ability to respond to messages in our online store;
  • An even load on the website so that it is easily accessible and continues to work optimally;
  • Detecting possible abuse or possible problems in our online store, for example by registering consecutive failed login attempts. We also use Google reCAPTCHA for this (see Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use ).

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies, with the help of third parties, to investigate store usage. These statistics give us insight into, among other things, how often we are visited and where we can improve our online store. This way we can continuously optimize the experience with our online store. The following data, among others, is stored:

  • The IP address that is anonymized;
  • Technical characteristics, such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox), the resolution of your computer screen, your language preference and which device you use;
  • From which page you came to the online store;
  • When and for how long you visit or use the online store;
  • Whether you use the functionalities of the online store. For example, creating a wish list, placing an order or viewing previous purchases;
  • Which pages you visit in our online store.
  • We use these cookies, for example, to:
  • Keep track of the number of visitors to our online store;
  • Measuring how long a visit lasts;
  • To determine in which order a visitor visits the different pages of our online store;
  • Determine which articles and pages can be linked to each other.

Marketing cookies

In our online store you will see recommendations, promotions and advertisements from ourselves and third parties. You may also encounter our advertisements on third-party websites. We use cookies to keep these recommendations, promotions and advertisements relevant. These marketing cookies make it possible that:

  • We can keep track of which advertisements you have already seen;
  • We can keep track of how many times you have seen an advertisement;
  • We can prevent you from seeing the same advertisement over and over again;
  • We can track whether you click on the advertisements;
  • We may track whether you place orders after seeing or clicking an advertisement;
  • We can combine your online surfing, searching and purchasing behavior regardless of which device you use;
  • By combining these characteristics, we estimate your advertising interest and can tailor the advertisements that we show to you in our online store and on third-party websites accordingly.

Advertising networks and media agencies act as intermediaries for online stores and advertisers. The marketing cookies of these parties make it possible that:

  • We can show you advertisements from third parties;
  • Our advertising partners can combine your preferences at HollandOto.nl with information they collect when you visit other websites.

For the cookies that these parties place for marketing purposes, we refer you to the statements on the websites of these parties. Because the statements can change regularly, we recommend that you consult these privacy and cookie statements regularly.

Adjustments to the privacy and cookie statement

Holland Oto may decide to adjust this Privacy and cookie statement in the future. If that is the case, Holland Oto will inform Users in advance by publishing the amended Privacy and cookie statement. Users are therefore advised to check this statement regularly for changes. This can easily be done by checking whether the reference below has been adjusted since the previous use of the Service. The most current and applicable version of the privacy and cookie statement can always be consulted on the relevant Holland Oto website.