Inventory of wishes

In order to make an accurate quotation, we would like to receive clear instructions from you regarding the design to be made. This can be done based on a technical drawing of the lettering company and also based on photos.

In these files you indicate which parts may be included in the scale model. It is of course possible that in reality there are additional elements on the bus or truck, but that you do not want them on the miniature.

Logos, icons and other applications

If you have a vector drawing of the lettering company, we would like to receive it, so that we can transform your model into a miniature as accurately as possible.

Please provide all icons, logos and other designs that may appear on the products in vectors. (This can be a pdf, eps or ai file). The fact that a file is a pdf or eps does not always mean that it is also built up in vectors. If you are not sure, you can always let us check the file.


We would like to receive the color codes for all designs, which can be the RAL and/or PMS codes. Also consider the colors of icons and/or stickers that are used. CMYK or RGB color codes are not sufficient. If there are no known color codes for some parts, we will choose a color that best approximates the original. Please note that any color differences are at your own risk.

Photos on the design

If a design contains photos, these must be attached in high resolution.