New look, trusted service and quality.

Design Holland Oto
Design Holland Oto
Nieuwe look, vertrouwde service en kwaliteit.

In 2019, Holland Oto B.V. existed exactly 25 years. Over the years, the company has acquired great fame in the broadest sense of the word, both nationally and internationally.

The almost unique situation, on the one hand manufacturer of miniatures and on the other hand distributor and saler of very prominent manufacturers of miniatures, is what makes our company so special. And last but not least, the acquired reputation for the high quality offered in products and in service to customers.

2019 was the start of change within Holland Oto. Vincent Nies, for example, made way for a new director (better known to customers as Bram Sevens) and plans were made for expansion in the workplace. The place previously occupied by Bram has been filled by Jos Schell. In addition to Jos, 2 more people joined our team, 1 in the marketing department and 1 in production.

Although Corona (Covid-19) has caused a small setback for many in the business world, at Holland Oto, in addition to the fresh breeze at the office, the look and feel have also been taken care of. The start was made for this at the beginning of 2020 and the look and feel of Holland Oto was gradually implemented.

For example, a new corporate identity has been developed and our website has been thoroughly overhauled. What has not changed, however, is the trusted quality and service that Holland Oto has to offer.

We hope to be able to provide you with beautiful miniatures for years to come.

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